Monday, December 10, 2007

Holy Sheep, Batman!

Holy Sheep, batman! Has it really been three weeks since my last post? Pardon moi, mes enfants! No wonder the stuff has been piling up!

First and most important - I won this amazing sock yarn from the wonderful Melanie of Lotus Yarns in her comment contest. This is Aura in the color Walking with a Ghost. It is a lovely grey and pearl grey with fine silver threads woven throughout. I am so excited and can't wait to cast on. Socks are still an "event" for me, so this is pretty damn special. Thank you Melanie!

I am consumed with gift knitting like everyone else. I've accomplished quite a lot these past weeks, so I will break this post up into bite sized pieces for easy digestion.

First up is my second Wisp. This is for a dear friend and my very first non-family knitting - heck, I'm barely out of the narcissistic phase! I got this mohair from a Suss clearance sale and I'm not sure who made it. It was really nice to work with, though. Isn't the color dreamy? I'm pretty proud of it.

I also **finally** felted my MIL's slippers. The pattern is from Tracy and Mel's Knit2Together. This is a pretty easy pattern, but I sure hate picking up stitches. I made a pair last fall and I thought my inexperience was the problem. Maybe so, but it is a bitch to get the **right** number of stitches evenly. Oh, but aren't they lovely? I call them Cabernet Clouds because they are so soft.

That's it for tonight! More to come later.