Sunday, December 23, 2007

The String Blocking Thang...

This is my third Wisp. Third. One. I seem to do that at Christmas. Last holiday, my first as a knitter, I did three bears and three Swell hats. This year it's three lace scarves.

This lovely green one is destined for my other SIL (on that side). Since I have nothing more to say about this easy pattern, I thought I would talk about the blocking method that I used.

Some time back the Harlot blogged about using string to block lace, rather than blocking wires or massive numbers of pins. This technique is especially useful for an all straight sided project like Wisp!

Here she is with the strings all in place, waiting for her bath:
Post bath, Wisp is on the blocking board. I tied a knot in the string to get better traction for the foundation pins at the corners. Pull the strings as tight as you dare and only a few pins are needed along the edge. Voila!