Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am making great progress on the Sipalu Bag. This is easily the most spectacular project to date, but it is not as hard as you might think! I keep finding that in knitting, as in life, things are much harder and scarier in the contemplation, not so much in the doing.

This project had a 2 month time out while I completed scads of holiday gift knitting. Or - I was suffering from second side syndrome. Could be either one. Once I picked it back up, though two amazing things happened. One, my tension got way better and there is considerably less puckering on the second side and, two, my continental knitting improved a whole lot.

Just a final welt, i-cord strap and lining to go.

Today I went to the Unwind Superbowl Party with 2 knitting/Realtor friends, Paula Walker and Diana Walker (no relationship). See how happy we are to buy yarn?

Good or bad, there is nothing like a good stash enhancement. I exercised considerable restraint- and then immediately rewarded myself with 2 skeins of the most yummy grey/taupe/mushroom seasilk. I've been reading about this extraordinary yarn for years (all 2 of my knitting years) and now it is my turn.


Any ideas on what sort of special pattern is worthy of this yarn?

One other project worth noting - Nob Hill. Love the project, but I'm too cheap to drop that much on the recommended yarn. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Think and Quick and it turned out just fine. I don't like the acrylic feel - but I maybe paid $5 for the yarn. I'll deal. Here's the pics