Thursday, November 15, 2007

Petals on the Earth

A while back I took a really neat yarn dying class (here's the post) and produced my very first skein of lace weight yarn. I called it Petals on the Earth and I was in love. How could I produce such a lovely on my very first try? (hint - it helps if you have an expert helping you. Thank you, Charles)

Ok, so lace weight yarn dictates that I knit, well, Ok, I admit I have been more adventurous than the average rookie, but c'mon! Those lace stoles and shawls look so delicate and complicated and HARD! But I have the Scarf Style book and I see the Ene's Scarf pattern and I think "what the heck! It's just knit and purl. How hard can it be?"

As it turns out, not hard at all. I present to you, Petals on the Earth.

Ene's Scarf, Spread Out

Ene's Scarf, Wrapped

Ene's Scarf on sofa

I used, and I'm only guessing, about 700 of the 880 yards on the skein. I wish I knew what to do with the left over yarn. What are other uses for lace weight yarn? A small hat, perhaps? Could I get fingerless mitts out of it?

I really enjoyed this process of lace knitting. I mean it was serious fun. This is a problem as I am about as lacy as a mack truck - but I might have to change my fashion sensibility to match my knitting. I can't be the first knitter to do this.

Next up are more Christmas gifts, wisp scarves for my amazing SILs, finally felt those house slippers from my MIL and a U-Neck vest for me. Yipee!