Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now we're back. What should I knit?

I am finally getting back into the rhythm of my life. International travel is incredibly disruptive for anyone - doubly so for the uninitiated.

My rhythm includes writing - lots of writing. I wrote quite a lot while in China - lots of facts, figures, history, anecdotes about my travel mates and impressions of a strange land. Maybe I will share some of this as we go along.

Most of my stuff is done or near done. What shall I do next? How about the U-Neck School Vest from Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits?

I have this wonderful birthday yarn from my assistant. Malabrigo, yum!
I've knit my swatch and hit gauge right away. Must be a sign!

Now, I have a new delima. I bought some lovely Cascade 220 Super wash in a taupe brown ages ago. It was meant for this:

The Pimlico Shawl. Remember that one? I obsessed over this sweater. I had to have it. I bought a bag of Noro from Little Knits and knit away - only to learn how yarn and projects need to match up! I even trekked over to Wild Fiber and tried on the sample. But, by the time I got the right yarn, other projects had jumped the queue and the yarn sat and sat. I actually had plans to cast on as soon as I got back from China and then THIS happened -

Oblique by Veronik Avery. Be still my heart! The perfect slouchy comfy sweater pattern. So classic! So gorgeous! I am in love! AND.... I have the yarn. Bye-Bye Pimlico. You were always a little too fashion forward for this Ann Taylor inspired heart. (But then... I still have the pattern. Who knows if the shawl will re enter the queue?)