Monday, November 12, 2007

Tangled Fields of Glory

I can't begin to tell you how Cheshire Cat satisfied I am. This is a helluva way to mark my one year knitting anniversary! Here are the details: Pattern, as if you didn't know - Tangled Yoke Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall '07. Yarn - Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool color 44 from Webs, 6 balls and a smidgen of the 7th. Needle, #8 Addi Turbo. Size 38 and I am a 40 bust (no one ever tells you that. I sure wish people told you that so you could see if you like the fit compared to your own bod. I am "strong woman to pull plow". You can plainly see that. Why hide it?).

Here's me looking all satisfied. By the way, how'd you like the high art fashion shoot that I opened the post with? DH is getting more creative with the camera...

I love the way the yoke looks and how it goes all the way around. Some people have posted of problems in keeping track of their place in this loooooong cable. I did this by using stitch markers when possible (not always practical due to the K2togs) and really knowing my stitch structure one row down. Not a blip on this cable - but I didn't go fast, either.

Garter ribbing on the sleeves and the waist - looks really nice, but is almost the opposite of pulling in for shaping. It actually flares out at the ends, giving a bit of a bell shape to the sleeves and a flare at the waist. I think it looks nice, but was certainly unexpected.

Here's the folded over neckline and button band detail. I love the delicate way the neck presents and the folding over gives heft and structure. I almost wonder if you couldn't do the same thing for the button band. A little heft would help it from pooching out between the buttons...

The folded neckline was bound off using the 3 needle bind off method. I felt like a true professional with such an elegant finishing.

Cute buttons, eh? I only had 6 but figured I would never button the top anyway. I'm rather surprised the the control freaky type A monster in me is ok with this, but I ain't gonna question it.