Saturday, September 15, 2007

A little Hand Dyed Fun

While the entire knitting population of Southern California converged upon the Yarn Harlot at the LA Central Library - I was forging my own path. (Sorry, Steph. Crowds and I just don't mix. I know you had so many neat and wonderful people to talk to that you didn't even miss me. Besides, what are the chances that you even had enough sleep last night to notice if I wasn't there?)

Little Boy and I went to Hissy Knits to dye yarn with Charles Lee. Since y'all were at the aforementioned event, we had the dyes all to ourselves and had a total blast! We used Knit Picks Bare and acid dyes to hand paint the yarn. With a plastic table cover, latex gloves and good brushes, this process wasn't messy at all.

Little Boy made 2 hanks of worsted in a camoflauge and an orange mix

And I tried to do and "over-dye" with Cherry, tourquise and orange with brown around and a little over on a hank of lace weight and orange, yellow and brown in a dk weight.

I have to say that we were a bit skeptical when our hanks were done. They seemed a bit garish and not like the beautiful hanks we've seen in stores. I mean, we think we are going to get professional results with our very first try, right? (Ai-yah...). BUT here's how they wound up on a ball...


Cirque du Soliel

Candy Corn

Petals on the earth
I have plans for the lace weight. I think it wants to be Muir

We shall see.