Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Lady, She is DONE!

Oh, Happy Day! While I enjoyed every moment with my Lady Eleanor Shawl (from Interweave Press, "Scarf Style"), I am so happy to have her to wear and to hold and to fondle. She is everything I had hoped for - dramatic, classy, warm, soft and a true statement piece. That statement is, "I have arrived and I am a knitter - got a problem with that, punk?"

The fringe is outta control cool. The diamonds that the knots form, perfectly echos the diamonds created by the entrelac pattern. Whoever dreamed up this pattern is absolutely brilliant. The book suggests thick tassels as an alternative to the fringe. I think that idea is hogwash and should be ignored completely. The ache in my back from hunching over these endless knots was totally worth it!

I think I should get some outrageous fused glass shawl pin - wouldn't that be glamorous? Or maybe too much.... hum.

This is me trying on my best cool and glamorous expression. I plan to adopt this facial expression when I, someday, travel to New York wearing this shawl. Can't you see me as the hip urbanite having an espresso at a sidewalk cafe or some such?

Stats: Noro #243, 10 skeins plus just a few yards extra. #10.5 Denise needles. Started in June and finished in September (My longest knit, ever!)

The Lady E has consumed most of my knitting time the last week and half or so. I have made a bit of progress on the Tangled Fields of Gold, though. The garter ribbing was a bit tricksy for me. I kept making mistakes and froggin back half rows and even an occasional whole row. We are at the stockinette/increase portion now and things are going smoothly and a lot faster. I can't wait for the joining of the sleeves (already done, yea!) and all that fascinating new stuff (new for me, anyway). I've been reading ahead in the pattern and there are quite a few things I can't visualize. I am trusting that all will become clear when I get there.