Saturday, October 6, 2007

My other life...

I have a new obsession. Shh, don't tell.

In my other life I am a Realtor. Not a "boring, dry as toast, manipulate every conversation for my own monetary gain while shedding dandruff all over the table" sort of Realtor (ewe, I just grossed myself out), but a I do make a living outside the fiber arts.

This blogging thing is very cool, so I thought - "How can I be amusing and still make money?" Bingo - start a Real Estate blog. I had Jon Symons of Ninja Blog set me up - ( - he does an amazing wordpress set up for FREE!!!) and I was off and running. Take a look! Anyway, that has consumed most of my blogging time.

So, let's catch up. First - and arguably most important - I finally got a swift! Why, oh why did I wait so long? This is just about the coolest toy ever. Here's a pic of a very happy me winding yet another hank of Silky wool. Since I can't stay away from all the cool yarn on the web, I needed one of these puppies. I just didn't expect it to be so humongous (the swift, silly. Not the web).

So, what is all that luscious Silky Wool for? Ah, the Tangled Fields of Gold aka Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang. I am in total lust with this yarn. The color, the texture, the smooth way it knits up. Pure. Love.

However, the pattern is a bit problematic for the novice. I feel somewhat sacrilegious in criticizing Eunny - but there is an error in the increase section for the body and the directions for joining the sleeves are less than clear. And then there are the 2 completely useless markers one stitch from each edge. Huh? Isn't there enough to worry about without messing with a stitch marker flopping about and threatening to fall off each row turn? Those little ##$@^$^ fell off one to many times and I got rid of them. So there.

Erm... I must be close to that time of the month. Except - I don't do that anymore! Guess I'm just a bitch.

But... isn't she lovely? I am 20 rows away from the yoke. I can't wait, but I am a tad fearful. Will Eunny flummox me again? we shall see....

Next up is Ene's scarf. This is what the hand dyed yarn I made is turning into. It might have wanted to be a Muir, but I wanted a triangle, so there. I was a little concerned when an experienced knitter (you know who you are, girl) said - ooh, I'm scared of that pattern. Crikey! What's going to happen to me? I'll tell you what, first there is blissful arrogance at how easy this is and then **Whamo** Chart 3 kicks in. I am making slow progress to be sure. I am loving every moment of this tangled puzzle (where I seriously question my ability to count past 100 and consider hiring a 3 year old to count for me) and I now understand the allure of knitting lace.

Last up is my MIL's Christmas present - sh, don't tell, again! These lovelies are made with the ridiculously luxurious Fiesta Kokopelli and Water mark. With mohair and wool these puppies will be like wearing clouds. Warm clouds. Since she is Sainted MIL, the luxury is well worth it! After I felt them I think I will do a simple embellishment with a geometric embroidery. Or not.