Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Going from Process to Project

Ah, my Lady E. So lovely, so luxurious, so delectable, so.... long.

I have never been a process knitter, per se. I want the product and I want to acquire the skill, but the actual knitting is mostly a pleasant byproduct, not the point.

Until the Lady E. Oh, the colors, the texture, the constant surprise of the unfolding mosaic. 7 stitches forward, 7 stitches backward, 7 times. The symmetry is poetic, the rhythm is tranquility itself. This is a process to be savoured.
(By the way, knitting backward on this project is must. Here's a tutorial How To Knit Backward)

But lately there has been a teasing chill to the air. A hint that My Lady could be worn, and impart just a touch of stylish warmth. I want her to be done.

I return as a product knitter. Hear me purrr.