Friday, June 13, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Much knitting, very little time to blog about it! I have been consumed with a new internet project, a micro social network This is a site that tries to tie all the disparate parts of my life together for the common good. Click on in and take a look around!

On to the knitting. On my last post, about a million and a half years ago I mentioned that I was going after one of my "fearless knitting" projects, the Fialti Summertime. The knitting went really fast - it was fun and not hard at all. I reveal... My Best Sweater to Date.

Pattern - Filati Summertime, from Lana Grossa
Yarn - SWTC Bamboo Yarn, color Sahara
Needles - US #7, Knitpicks Harmony (LOVE these needles)
Time to knit - about a month

This is very PERFECT summer sweater. The neutral color goes with everything and this sweater actually fits. Actually. Fits. Don't that just beat all? I must have spent one entire week making people look at my sleeves and how they are the appropriate length. Freakin' miracle that is!! It is the right weight and style for everything from a dressy summer party in the evening to a business outfit (or what passes as business outfit for me. I hate suits. Hate. Suits.) to a cute top over jeans. Perfect.

No real mods to speak of. All measurements on the schematic were in metric, so I had some fun puzzling over that one. I know. There's metric on the back of the measuring tape. It just didn't help my confusion. I'm slow that way. (if you are laughing right now, Shirley, I'm coming over there to mess you up)

I'm so happy I'm doing the happy swirly dance. Yipee!