Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ocean Waves Tank

We are getting better at this whole design thing! This my second from my head and the first with nothing to base it upon.

Pattern - My own
Yarn - Karabella Mako Cotton Yarn
Needles - US 10.5 and US 11 Knit Picks Harmony

The Inspiration.
I knew this yarn was destined to be a tank and envisioned a lacy light stitch to offset the bulky nature of the yarn. The water inspired colors reminded me of waves of water lapping at my feet... well, you can see where the rest of this is going, can't you? Construction of the top is pretty simple, knit a skirt with feather and fan, then a stockinette bodice. Easy Squeezy! Yeah, not so much.

The Journey
For the life of me I could not figure out how to decrease feather and fan in the round. it should be simple - make sure the subtracted stitch has a matching subtraction in the YO's - but it wouldn't work. Graphs, tick marks, test swatches, online searches, pleading with the gals in SnB to help me figure it out. Nada. Finally, Donna (a knitter of decades long experience) says, why don't you go down a needle size? That's it? It's that simple? Seriously?! GAH!!!!

Next was the math. Always, the math. Trust me when I say that knitting math is no brain surgery. Subtract. Divide. Count the stitches. This is what I got.

The top is at least 4 inches too big! Instead of being a cute flirty top it was a big fugly tent. Not good. Not good at all. See - even without pulling the fabric out you can see how it bunches up under the arms and is just unattractive. I reknit the bodice 3 seperate times. Not portions of the bodice - the whole shooting match. Yikes! But I got it right in the end and, as a committed process knitter, that's the whole point (without being stupid. c'mon - I want to wear it at some point!)

Side by side comparison!

This is my first written pattern, so take that under advisement if you want to knit it yourself! Enjoy!