Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Works in Progress

We are just about caught up here, at Chez Kendyl. After several really big projects my head is a little fried. I'm going after a few little lovelies that are easy to tote, easy to knit and have actual, tested PATTERNS that I know I will only have to knit once.

First up is the Lombard Street Socks from the now defunct Magknits. The pattern is now available here. This is my second pair of socks and, while I remain skeptical of the usefulness of hand knit wool socks in So Cal, there is a certain charm to the rhythm and ease of transport that a knit sock project brings. I was gifted 2 delicious skeins of Shibu Knits sock yarn and it was time to knit it up. Lovely, isn't it? The actual color is deeper and richer in person, but the stitch definition really popped with the flash.

The second is technically finished, but I'm working on a set of these. The Diagonal Ripple Dishcloth caught my eye on a friend's queue on Ravelry, but the kicker was a conversation with a" domestic diva" friend of mine. She swears that her hand crochet cloths are the very best at washing dishes and pans. Eh, I'll take that one on faith, but what the heck? Each one of these babys only takes 3-4 hours. I think I'll make a set of 2, but now I've queued up 10 more dishcloth patterns. This might turn into a horrible trend... I might have to use one these things!