Sunday, May 4, 2008

Filati Summertime Tunic

A long, long, time ago, back when knitting was a new skill to learn and not an entire lifestyle, I saw this picture.I thought to myself, "Self, if you could knit that cardigan you would be a super star!" I filed it away under wishful thinking and that was that.

But did any of you out there in Knitting Land buy those lovely bags of SWTC Bamboo from the Discounted Yarn people? I did, and brother, that is a whole lot of yarn! While my Textured Tank languished in it's time out I cast on, using the Sahara color.

Almost a dead ringer for the color, isn't it? I am having such fun! Beyond all expectation I have turned into a lace knitter. Just a few months ago I saw Heather at SNB knitting the Mystery Shawl and thinking that was darn near impossible. Now I'm making garments out of the stuff. Amazing.

I am starting on the 2nd sleeve and should start assembly by next week. Cool!