Sunday, March 16, 2008


Finally. It took me almost 3 months to complete this sweater - my largest project to date. I am reasonably pleased, and I learned so much!

Pattern - Oblique, Veronik Avery, Knitty Fall '07, size 43
Yarn - Cascade Superwash color 862
Needle - Knitpicks Harmony, US# 7

This is a great knit. My only beef is that Veronik assumes a level of experience that I didn't have (well, it was rated piquant, after all) and I didn't know, for example, that I should keep the raglan decrease stitches in stockinette instead of trying to maintain the moss stitch on the wrong side. I admit to a few Harlot style conversations with Veronik - but really, these issues are so minor!

The lace patterns fit together really well and after 2 sleeves and most of the back I think I had it memorized ;-) I am a bit sick in that I love the challange of trying to stay in the pattern, decrease or increase as indicated, but still wind up with right number of stitches in the end. The first sleeve, with raglan decreases on each side taught me a lot. I had to redo it after I did the second one (correctly) and realized the consequences of, "Hmm. I'm off by a stitch. Oh well. I'll just throw in an extra K2tog right here"

Cascade Superwash is really nice to work with. It is soft, forgiving and holds the stitch definition so well!

I had the gorilla arm experience again. I was, I admit, a little freaked out after the first sweater bath. Everything got 2-4 inches longer! I was seeking out advice on Ravelry on the whole slice off the ends and knit up the cuffs when someone suggested tossing the thing in the dryer. Dudes, I washed it in the machine, but isn't the whole dryer concept a bit much for wool? Apparently not. Tossed, tumbled and the sweater went back to where my swatch said it would.

I think, now that I've worn this a few times, that I am more of a fitted sweater kind of gal, but I really like this for what it is. Comfortable, casual and the perfect thing to wear on a day when, say, the carbs and sugar have taken over your life.