Sunday, March 16, 2008

A "Design"

In the "Year of Knitting Fearlessly" I wanted to design a garment from scratch. My first step is to copy something from a picture. Here's what I want to copy:

Ok, there are a few close up pictures on Eunny's old blog. I have the yarn.... let's give it a whirl!

Pattern - out of my behind
Yarn - Elle Rae, Shibu
Needle - Knitpicks Harmony, #7

Here's the first swatch:I don't think you can see this, but the cable - a tight braid from the "Harmony Guide" doesn't fare well with this yarn. There isn't much definition. It's worth noting that I actually tried to parse out the cable she used here. Downloaded her tutorial on untangling cables, pulled out the graph paper and colored pencils and all. Yeah. There's a long dark night I'll never get back ;-)

Here's what I settled on (after 4 more swatches that didn't survive):

The single twist has way more definition and balances the rather soft texture of the pie crust basket weave. Should I make the left and right cables twist opposite each other?

The cast on was another journey! I tried a couple of different tubular cast ons because that is what I think I saw in the picture. **Note to self. If you're going to try to copy someone, try someone who isn't such a freakin' expert** Both attempts were a failure. Too loose and the basket weave was too soft to pull it all together. frog frog frog.

I am now going for a straight 2x2 rib and hoping to get (finally) started with the knitting!

This is fully engaging process, and y'all know how I am about the process. On the other hand, this is NOT good for my anal-retentive-control-freaky-let's-get-it-done-now side. That side can't believe how much perfectly good knitting time is irrevocably LOST to all this trial and error.

I'll keep you posted!