Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chuggin' Along

This is a nice bit of instant gratification and a head start on the gift giving season!

Yarn- Gedifra Scarlet Super Bulky Wool and Acrylic, 4 balls
Pattern - White Night Scarf By J. Sun
Needle - Knit Picks Harmony US#15

I knit this one until it was mid thigh on me - and then did a nice fringe. I have about 3/4 of the 4th ball left. What can I do with that?

This puppy is long enough to wrap twice or do the New York Braid (this is what you do in a really cold place, I'm told. )

I am chuggin' along on my "design". I had a devil of a time with the cast on. It tried 2 different tubular cast ons, then did a regular long tail w/2x2 rib for an inch. I loved the clean hem look of the original, but still not sure how she did it. Maybe a provisional? Well, I got impatient and did something I know.

I got all the way through the waist decreases before remembering how messy the column of stitches that borders a drop stitch gets. The solution is to knit that stitch through the back loop, so that's what I had to do.

Following is possibly the most boring blog post ever. Feel free to close this now. I won't know, so you won't hurt my feelings!

Here is the piece before I messed with it. If you click on it, you'll go to my Flickr page where you can see a big enough picture to get the detail. Why would you do this? 'Cuz you're a bigger knitting nerd than I be.

So, I dropped the stitch column that borders the drop stitch bordering the cable...

Then I used my trusty crochet hook to knit everything back up, twisting each stitch as I went.

It was a lot of fun in that sick, "look I can control the universe" sort of way.