Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rhoda, You Made My Day!!

I'm so excited! My very first blog award! Thank you Rhoda!

The "Make My Day" award has been bouncing around a lot lately, but I never thought I would get one. Here's the deal - nominate 10 blogs that really make your day. Let each person you nominate know that you have done so and they, in turn, nominate their Top 10. In this way we all get to know a few more interesting bloggers.

Here is my list:

Make My Day Blog

brooklyntweed - If there is a knitting muse, Jared is it. I am incredibly inspired by his photography, his choice of projects, his yarn and, lately, his hand spun. His blog encourages me to further my craft and for this, I am blessed!
harlot - Stephanie was my first exposure to the knit blog world. I'm lucky, huh? She is so funny and engaging. Although there is no doubt that she is an expert knitter, she makes everything seem so doable and reasonable. I heart the Harlot.
sknitty Wow. Jillian is an amazing blogger. I love her taste in projects and yarn. She never fails to enlighten me as to what is out there on the wide, wide net and I have learned much because of her.
tentenknits This is new blog, for me. I am inspired by her photography and her attitude toward knitting. I am inspired to consider the Venezia sweater because of her.
the rainey sisters These gals are true "experts" I am in awe of most everything they knit.
superstarra Christie has impeccable taste and a wonderful chatty style. Reading her blog is like sharing coffee with a good friend.
knitaly Great pictures, some excellent how to's and an occasional internet gem (check out this post)
Half Asses Knit Blog Cyn is just real good time. She is one crazy-ass knitter and designer. She has an odd habit of believing that inanimate objects are out to get her... but, that's just part of the crazy.