Saturday, August 25, 2007

My First True Blog Post

I am never one to turn away from the tide of the lemmings. I delude myself, now and again, into believing that I am independent thinker, forging a new and exciting direction that will lead to no less than peace and prosperity in the Middle East.... and then I knit a caliometry - just because everyone else is doing one.

I create this blog because is efficient - record it once, document it once, link to it a thousand times. (linking to a thousand boards - no wonder I knit so slow!) I like to write and I think it might be instructive to refer back to where I have been.

Eh, voila! This is what I am thinking and knitting right now.

First, I received my very first shipment from WEBS. I have so much guilt over not getting more wool from my LYS - but who can turn down Silky Wool at these prices? I admit it. I am a yarn whore. Or very Chinesey, take your pick. So, this gorgeous stuff:

will someday be this:

On the lemmings note I am knitting coachella from knitty. In my defense, I had this amazing Bamboo from Suss that was begging for a project just like this - flowing, drapey and a tad incendiary. I name this the Silver Slink. This is going like crazy on my #9 Audi Naturals. Here where we are on day 3

I am holding a double strand of this shimmery dk weight stuff together. I got stitch gauge, but not row gauge, so I am trying to be mindful of these consequences. So far, so good. I am knitting size small that should fit to a 36 and I am a 40, due to many suggestions out in web land. When I tried it on it seems to fit great - just a smidge too low, but I think I can live with it.

Last, I got some work done on my beloved Lady E. (Lady Eleanore from Scarf Style) She is slow going, but steady. I love the colors, the texture, the mindfulness of the small squares and the constant surprise of the next color. What a wonderful mosaic is unfolding! Lady E is my meditation and my calm. She is the project I can go to for instant gratification of a small square done and the never ending wonderment that an object so beautiful and artful can come from my